ALIEN ZOO… An adventure 1,000 light years in the making

For the first time ever, the Intergalactic Wildlife Federation is allowing humans to visit the Alien Zoo – an intergalactic refuge containing all kinds of extraordinary and wonderous creatures, some dangerous, but all endangered. Take a chance and make the journey to the Alien Zoo, but remember, once you enter, there is no turning back.


Destination: Alien Zoo

It’s time to be transported and go where no other humans have ventured before. Suit up, climb aboard your spaceship, and join five other intrepid travelers on a journey lightyears away. You’ll explore the habits and habitats of near-extinct creatures, you’ll come face-to-face with beasts that have never seen humans before, and you may even have to put some survival skills to work. The creatures of the Alien Zoo are as unpredictable as they exhilarating, but the journey is once in-a-lifetime.

Adventure Details

Check daily departure times here.


Please arrive 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR DEPARTURE TIME to check in. If you arrive at the gate after the departure time for any reason, we will NOT ISSUE A REFUND OR EXCHANGE for another slot. You will need to purchase another ticket.


Your full journey should take approximately 35 minutes from beginning to end including check-in, gear-up and gear-down.


All travelers must be at least 120 cm tall AND 10+ years old. Travelers under 13 years old MUST BE accompanied by an adult (18+) with a ticket during the same experience.

Closed captioning and wheelchair options are available upon request.